Best Social Media Apps That Will Rule in 2020

Social Media Apps

Social Media apps are the best ways to gain immense popularity which will dominate the social media with the help of mobile devices. They are also trying to find the right social media websites which will allow them to deliver. Finding the right social media app for your business can easily result in the benefit of understanding your audience right. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the best social media apps which are going to thrive in 2020.


Telegram is one app which will allow you to steadily expand the right user base as it has some of the best privacy driven user base. There are many brands which will allow one to create and connect with people. You can also create a chatbot which can allow you to bring up a channel to broadcast messages and other subscribers. Telegram has gained much popularity when compared to other social media app, which is the best when it comes to social media apps.


Meet Up

Meet up is the second best social media app which has aimed at bringing the right people together. The app works on a simple idea which will allow one to get a better understanding of the matter. This is one app which will bring the right results to the total amount. You will be required to find the right meetup subscription plan with the $29.99 per month.


Reddit is another best social media app which has the best design which is made for the social media apps users. This is a free social media app which holds a strong community of people who want to discuss, chat or share images or videos to convey their thoughts. They are also dedicated to the forums which will allow you to engage them in manageable levels which is popular and recommended to you.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media apps which the professional can bring their efforts to promote their business. There are many users who can increase their business connections with other individuals. They can use their social media app for marketing and establishing content authority and leadership. LinkedIn offers opportunities which can be advertised for your business. You can also personalise your ads and boost the content to display the right ads on your sites.



Tapebook is a new social network that has taken the top spot in our social media apps. It has some of the best engagements which can be started with the help of video and audiotapes. This is a kind of social podcast which has allowed one to create the right conversation by calling them and starting a vlog. Also, they have a very slick user interface and unique design, which also has a unique design.

Best Social Media Apps That Will Rule in 2020

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